4 comments on “Cape Girardeau Petco “Meet & Greet”

    • Hi

      Thanks Nancy, as you know, its always a group effort.
      Getting ready to go to Petco tomorrow in Carbondale…hope to have a nice turn out for that!

  1. Love the picture of the greys sprawled out on the floor, not a care in the world. Reminds me so much of my dear Pepper who I lost last Friday to Osteosarcoma, evil taker of so many greyhounds. His sister, Kelly and I are very sad, but we are going to meet some greys that are ready for adoption at the end of this week. Thanks for all that you do to find these wonderful dogs new homes!

    • Hi Linda

      So very sorry to hear of your loss, and thanks for your kind words. If you’re not a member of my FB group, The Greyt Galloping Greyhound Group…please join and post pics of Kelly and the new addition!

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