2 comments on “Dangers of Canine Cancer

  1. Cancer can show up expectantly. My cousin’s St. Bernard was fine one day then the next his joint was swollen. My cousin took him to the vet immediately and found the cancer had already metastasized and he passed away a week later. I now have both of my dogs checked regularly since they are getting up in age.

    • Hi

      Sometimes it is hard to catch things soon enough with dogs and other animals as they are able to “hide pain & illness” from us very well.
      Goes way back to their “wild days” when any show of being hurt or sick was a signal to other predatory animals that they were weak and vulnerable to attack.
      Good thing to have regular check ups as if you wait for symptoms they cannot hide, it will usually be too late.

      Sorry about your cousins SB, but am glad to hear you are taking such good care of your friends 🙂

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